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The following Development Permits have been approved or conditionally approved under the provisions of the City of Medicine Hat Land Use Bylaw. Once the Development Permit approval is publicly advertised, individuals who feel they will be impacted by the proposed development have 21 days to file an appeal.

Development Permit decisions and appeal periods:

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To file an appeal

Development permit appeals must be submitted in writing to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB). Filing fee is $205.00 (2023). Appeals submitted past the deadline date are not accepted. To file an appeal, visit:

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Why do appeal periods last 21 days?
According to Alberta's Municipal Government Act, a proposed development must have a minimum appeal period of 21 days, beginning on the first day when the approved Development Permit is publicly advertised.
What do these terms mean?


A public hearing to consider whether an original decision on a matter should be upheld or overturned. The decision regarding an appeal is made by the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB). The appeal may be launched by the applicant or by any member of the public. The opportunity to launch an appeal expires 21 days after the original decision.

Development Authority:

A person or body appointed as a Development Authority as contemplated by and in accordance with the Municipal Government Act. In Medicine Hat, the Development Authority is either the Planning and Development Services Department, the Municipal Planning Commission or City Council.

Development Permit vs. Building Permit:

A Development Permit (DP) covers the what and where a development may proceed. It approves what type of development is allowed on a particular property, taking into account land use and setback issues of the City's Land Use Bylaw. DPs are issued by the City's Planning staff.

A Building Permit (BP) covers how something is built. It allows the construction/demolition of structures contingent on meeting the requirements of the Alberta Building Code. BPs are issued by the City's Safety Codes Officers.

To learn more, visit:

Development Permits  Building Permits

Discretionary use vs. Permitted use:

These are terms applied separately to various types of land uses in the Land Use Bylaw.

Discretionary Use: Use of a site or a building for which the Development Authority may in its discretion issue a Development Permit to an applicant, provided that the application otherwise conforms to the Land Use Bylaw.

Permitted Use: Use of a site or a building for which a Development Permit must be issued to an applicant, with or without conditions, if the application otherwise conforms to the Land Use Bylaw.

Home Business:

A Discretionary Use of a residential space (dwelling, garage, residential accessory building or associated site) by one or more occupants thereof for the purpose of conducting a business. Prior to launching a Home Business, the owner requires an approved Development Permit and a City Business License. In the Land Use Bylaw, there are various regulations which specifically apply to Home Businesses.
To learn more, visit:

Home Business

Land Use Bylaw:

A regulatory document which controls development by categorizing all properties in Medicine Hat into various land use districts. It prescribes how land and buildings can be used in those districts, and establishes a system for issuing Development Permits. The Municipal Government Act requires all municipalities in Alberta to have a Land Use Bylaw. To learn more, visit:


Municipal Government Act:

Administered by the Government of Alberta, the Act empowers municipalities to shape their communities. It regulates how municipalities are funded and how as local governments they should govern and plan for growth.

Municipal Government Act

Municipal Planning Commission (MPC):

The MPC reviews subdivisions, land use amendments and any other applications referred by a Development Officer, and acts as the principal advisory body to City Council in matters relating to land use planning. The Municipal Government Act requires all municipalities in Alberta to appoint members to service on a Municipal Planning Commission.

Municipal Planning Commission

Planning and Development Process:

Simply stated, it is the regulatory process by which land becomes developed in a jurisdiction.
To learn about this process in Medicine Hat, visit:

Planning and Land Use

Secondary Suite:

A second dwelling located within a single detached house. It is a self-contained dwelling unit with separate living, cooking, sleeping and bathroom facilities, sometimes called a basement suite. Secondary Suites and Backyard Suites are discretionary uses which are considered on a case-by-case basis by the Development Authority within certain land use districts in Medicine Hat.
To learn more about Secondary Suites and Backyard Suites, visit:

Secondary Suites

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB):

An independent quasi-judicial Board established under the Municipal Government Act, it consists of community members and two Council members. The SDAB hears appeals from individuals who feel they have been affected by a decision of the Development Authority, and from individuals who dispute the issuance of a Notice to Remedy Unsightly Property by Municipal Bylaw Enforcement. The Board then issues a written decision about the matter.
To learn more, visit:



A context-specific modification of the Land Use Bylaw that applies to a particular development proposal but that does not apply to development generally and does not amend the text of the Land Use Bylaw.

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