Development Permits

A Development Permit covers the what and where a development may proceed.

It approves what type of development is allowed on a particular property, taking into account land use and setback issues of the City's Land Use Bylaw.

You are required to have a valid Development Permit before you can apply for a Building Permit to construct a building or structure. A Development Permit is also required before obtaining a Business License, therefore it is automatically included in the Business License application.

Development Permit Application

Application process

A Planning or Development Officer is assigned to each Development Permit and will be the file manager for the duration of the application. The file manager will conduct a thorough review of the application to ensure it is complete. If the application is deemed to be incomplete the applicant will be contacted. The review cannot continue until all required paperwork has been submitted. 

Once the application is deemed to be complete, a comprehensive review of the permit application will be completed by the file manager. Part of this review will be a Land Use Bylaw check to ensure the application meets all bylaw requirements. If there are any discrepancies, the applicant will be contacted by the file manager.

Zoning and Land Use


Commercial applications or complex residential applications are circulated to a variety of affected City departments for review. Departments are given 14 days to respond.

Technical review

Approval and release

After your Development Permit has been approved it will be released. If you (the applicant) have signed the Voluntary Waiver of Claims and the Building Permit has been released construction can begin, even if the appeal period is not completed. 

If application is refused

If the application has been refused by the development authority, the applicant has 21 days from the notification of the decision to appeal the refusal.

Public notification

The public notification of all approved Development Permits are advertised in the Medicine Hat News and appear on the City website. Interested parties are allowed 21 days to appeal the approval of discretionary uses or permitted uses, through the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

Public notices

Apply for a Land Use Bylaw amendment

Applications to amend the Land Use Bylaw must be made to the City Clerk.

Viewing plans

Plans for active or completed projects are available to the public for viewing. To view specific plans, contact Planning and Development Services or visit us in person on the second floor of City Hall.

After a Development Permit is approved by The City, the applicant has twelve months from the date the Development Permit was issued to commence development. The issue date can be found on the permit documents. If significant construction has not begun by this date, a new application, including full application fees, will be required to move forward with the development.

If a Building Permit requires an extension, there must be a separate application submitted. To apply for a Building Permit extension, visit Building Permits.