Subdivision Development

Subdivision is dividing a parcel of land into two and obtaining separate legal titles for each. You may make the application as the landowner, or hire a professional consultant or land surveyor.

 How to apply for subdivision approval 
 Subdivision approval is needed when:
  • creating lots for new developments
  • creating separate land titles for each unit of a duplex or row housing
  • creating separate land titles for each dwelling on a single property
  • joining properties, or pieces of properties together under one land title
Review application requirements
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Complete subdivision application form
Subdivision application form
Identify any potential obstacles or opportunities

Before submitting your application, consider meeting with a Planning officer to discuss your proposal and identify any potential obstacles or opportunities. You must have a proposal ready to present.

Request a meeting

Submit your application to Planning & Development Services

The application fee will vary depending on the complexity of the proposed subdivision. A planner will review your application and confirm your fee.

List of fees:
  • Residential Subdivision (2024)
    • Application base fee:  577.50
    • Application fee per lot:  236.25
    • Endorsement fee per lot:  420.00
  • Commercial Subdivision (2024)
    • Application base fee:  577.50
    • Application fee per lot:  1050.00
    • Endorsement fee per lot:  1050.00
  • Discharge or preparation of instruments, including circulation fee (2024):  367.50
  • Condominium Certificate, unit fee (2024):  42.00
  • Separate fees apply for time extension requests

Email your application

After you have submitted your application, we will contact you for further clarification if necessary. Missing or inaccurate information may delay your application, so please ensure that your information is complete and correct.

City review process for development and service agreements

Pre and Post-construction Requirements

Before commencing construction of a subdivision or development project, it is the developer's responsibility to confirm that they have met the appropriate requirements and conditions. The document below outlines all requirements:

Development & Subdivision Agreement Condition Guide

Gas and electrical service

Developers requiring gas or electric services installed in their subdivision must have a completed and approved Functional Servicing Report in order to apply for services. Apply once you are ready to proceed with development and have all appropriate approvals from your jurisdiction's planning department.

There is a $100/lot application fee to apply for electric and gas servicing in a subdivision development.

The application fee goes toward the initial project evaluation in order to provide the developer a conceptual design.

Request gas or electric service installation

Funding model

For developments greater than two contiguous lots, the utility will invest a portion of capital toward the development of gas and electric infrastructure. The utility investment will be no greater than the net present value of the revenue expected to be collected in the first 10 years of distribution service discounted at a rate equal to utility's weighted average costs of capital (WACC).

Revenue is defined as the revenue per customer as determined by the approved Gas Utility Bylaw and Electric Utility Bylaw rates for the corresponding rate classifications.

Costs related to offsite system upgrades or system relocation for the exclusive benefit of the applicant that may be required for a development will be fully funded by the applicant.

Costs associated with streetlights will be fully funded by the applicant.

Subdivision Historical Resources Act Compliance

To protect Alberta's historic resources, the Historical Resources Act requires approval at the subdivision stage of development, as well as at the Area Structure Plan stage.

Subdivision Historical Resources Act Compliance