Vehicle for Hire

Vehicles for Hire in Medicine Hat transport passengers from one place to another for a fee. These services include taxis, rideshare companies, and charter services like shuttles and private group transportation.


In Medicine Hat, the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw #4617 allows the City to regulate these types of transportation services to ensure:

  • Public safety and consumer protection
  • Guidance for accessible services
  • Fair competition and open innovation

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Our current Vehicle for Hire Bylaw as passed in 2020. We are in the early stages of revising the bylaw to better suit current transportation trends. We will be reaching out to the community for input on shaping this revision. For questions, contact Business Licensing.

The City of Medicine Hat wants to ensure safety for everyone travelling around the Medicine Hat area in a vehicle for hire.

We are committed to overseeing the vehicle for hire services operated in the City. The Business License Coordinator monitors these services to ensure safety, accessibility and consumer protection for Hatters who use vehicle for hire services.

ALL of the following are needed to operate a vehicle for hire service in Medicine Hat:

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How to identify a valid vehicle for hire service in Medicine Hat

  • Transportation Network Companies are required to have markings (company name and trademark) placed on vehicles, as per section 18 of the Bylaw.
  • Taxi services are required to have a lighted identification on the roof of vehicles, as per section 10 of the Bylaw.

Finding a ride

There are two ways to find a ride:

Hailing from the street

Only taxis can be hailed or flagged from the street in Medicine Hat. Other vehicles for hire, including "rideshare" vehicles are not allowed to accept service requests from street hailing under the City Vehicle for Hire Bylaw.

Requesting a vehicle in advance

Trips with Transportation Network Companies, private transportation providers, limousines and shuttles must be requested in advance - usually be phone, mobile app or website. You can also request a ride in a taxi or accessible transportation service in advance.

Be aware of disreputable ride sharing. 
Before you digitally book with a transportation network company (aka rideshare), the City advises that you check the list below to ensure that the service is licensed to operate in Medicine Hat. This will ensure that they are a legitimate business that offers safe rides, have qualified drivers and have proper licensing.

Vehicles for hire in Medicine Hat

Updated Apr 25, 2024

The following are Vehicle for Hire services which are licensed to operate in Medicine Hat. Please search local listings for contact information.

Taxi services:
  • Care Cabs
  • Deluxe Central Taxi
Transportation Network Companies:
  • Best Ride
  • Canadian Rideshare Ltd.
  • Raymond's Rideshare
  • Uride
  • Y Drive Alberta Inc.
Accessible transportation services:
  • Old West Transport
  • Rolly's Wheelchair Van
Shuttle/Limousine/Charter services:
  • Coulee Coachlines
  • Ebel's Limousines
  • El Capitan Charters
  • J & L Shuttle Service
  • Old West Transport
  • The Coachmen Inc.
Designated Driver services:
  • 24-7 Designated Driver Service
  • Another Choice Designated Drivers
  • The Coachmen Inc.


Safety tips

When getting ride in a vehicle-for-hire (Taxi services, Transportation Network Companies, etc.), remember:

  • Check the above list to ensure that the service is legitimate and licensed.
  • Call someone you know and trust, and let them know your location and estimated time of arrival before and during the ride.
  • Check for vehicle markings. Take note of the vehicle type, license plate and the driver themselves, in case you need to file a complaint.
  • Don't share more information than needed to get to your destination.

To report a concern about a vehicle for hire

If you:

  • Notice a vehicle for hire service which is operating in Medicine Hat but does not seem to be licensed to operate in the city, or
  • Enlist a vehicle for hire service and are concerned by a driver's behaviour or a vehicle that is in very poor condition
Contact the City Business License Coordinator:

Email us

Or phone us at (403) 529-8374.

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