Construction Standards and Specifications

This page is a resource for contractors and engineering professionals who require technical specifications and other documents, polices and regulations related to development projects.

Municipal servicing standards manual (MSSM)

These standards provide a set of guidelines that outline the minimum expectations of Municipal staff when planning the development or redevelopment of lands through the Plan of Subdivision process.

Municipal servicing standards manual (MSSM)

Planning & Development Services will begin a review of the MSSM document in 2022. This review will confirm any updates which are required to ensure that the document aligns with the current APEGA Authentication Professional Practice Standard.

Roads and storm construction specifications

Technical specifications for Contractors performing infrastructure work for the City of Medicine Hat. Requirements and standards for safety, fencing, culverts, pavement work, storm sewers, excavation trenching & backfilling, and sidewalk construction.

Construction specifications

Water and sewer specifications

Design standards and construction specifications for all projects related to water and sanitary sewer. Should you have any questions, please contact us by email or call 403-529-8176.

Water and sewer specifications

Cross lot servicing

It is critically important to consider placement of services as a part of a Development Permit or Subdivision design. Developers must consider the options which can be utilized to service their sites.

Cross Lot Servicing refers to situations where services cross multiple parcel boundaries. The link below describes design options for cross lot servicing during the development planning stage.

Cross lot servicing

Acceptance of these options and instruments for cross lot servicing are at the discretion of Planning & Development Services, through the approval process.

Standard sewer drawings

EU-101       Standard Manhole Type 1220 A
EU-102       Type 1-S Manhole
EU-103       Drop Manhole
EU-104       Internal Drop Manhole
EU-105       Benching Standards for Manholes
EU-106       Manhole Invert Arrangement Intersection Less than 90
EU-107       Benching Detail for Manhole in Cul-De-Sac
EU-108       Standard Manhole Cover and Frame Details
EU-109       Standard Pipe Bedding and Backfilling
EU-111       Method for Supporting Pipes Crossing Other Utilities
EU-112       Sewer Service Connections to Mains
EU-113       Industrial Commercial Site Servicing Sampling Manhole Details
EU-114       Industrial Commercial Offset Sampling Manhole Details
EU-115       Sanitary Surface Cleanout Detail

Standard water drawings

EU-201       Standard Hydrant Detail
EU-202       Standard Gate Valve Installation Details
EU-203       Standard Butterfly Valve Installation Details
EU-204       Standard Main Valve Box Detail
EU-205       Typical Thrust Block Locations for Water Mains
EU-206       Standard Building Service Connection Sanitary and Water
EU-207       Standard Parks Irrigation Service Connection
EU-208       Cul-De-Sac Flushing Point
EU-209       Meter Setting Specifications 50mm & larger
EU-210       Meter Setting Specifications 50mm & smaller
EU-211       Meter Setting Specs Multiple Meters Case 1
EU-212       Meter Setting Specs Multiple Meters Case 2
EU-213       Minimum Required Water Meter Installation & Access Clearances
EU-214       Temporary Water Supply from Hydrant
EU-215       Premise Isolation Details Cross Connection Control Program
EU-216       Above Ground Sampling Station Installation Details
EU-217       Standard Detail for Automatic Control Valve Installations
EU-218       Large Diameter Irrigation Service Connection (Larger than 50mm)
EU-219       Manual Air Release
EU-220       Watermain Renewal Projects - Tie to Existing Service
EU-221       Water/Sewer Mains & Services Insulation Requirements
EU-222       Temporary Water Service
EU-223       Seasonal Irrigation Service - Cross Connection Control Program

Parks and Recreation standards

Bollards and chains

Park furniture
Seeding, soil and sodding
Site specifications
Trees, shrubs and flowers
Tennis courts

Building codes and barrier-free standards

Building codes which deal with accessibility, or barrier-free design, exist to allow proper and safe access to buildings and facilities for all people regardless of physical, sensory or developmental disabilities. The rules for barrier-free design are found in section 3.8 of the Alberta Building Code.

Accessibility Guidelines

To help explain barrier-free requirements in Alberta, the City of Edmonton has produced an Access Design Guide. The Safety Codes Council of Alberta has not yet updated its Accessibility Guidelines to meet 2019 Alberta Building Code requirements. In the interim, the City of Medicine Hat recommends the Edmonton guide.

Service Agreements

After a subdivision is approved or a Development Permit is issued, a developer may be required to enter into a service agreement with the City.

A service agreement ensures:

  • The development is constructed in accordance to the City of Medicine Hat standards
  • The developer pays for the share of the infrastructure that they will benefit from

A service agreement will also be required if the developer wishes to provide services to existing un-serviced properties in the City.

The service agreement is a legal contract between the developer or property owner and the City of Medicine Hat which outlines the terms and conditions, financial and otherwise, which must be met and agreed upon prior to development proceeding.

Service agreements make provision for construction of municipal improvements such as water mains, storm and sanitary sewers, roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, power, street lighting, landscaping and various other items.

Before submitting Construction completion certificate (CCC) and Final acceptance certificate (FAC) applications, please review the requirements within the MSSM and ensure that required supporting information is included in the submission. Deliver four hard copies of a CCC or FAC submission to Planning and Development Services, on the 2nd floor of City Hall.