Flood Resilience and Recovery

Some low-laying areas of Medicine Hat are historically prone to overland flooding. The City of Medicine Hat has undertaken flood mitigation methods to better prepare for future events.

The Alberta Government has launched a new, interactive flood hazard map (draft version) and wants to hear from you!  Learn more and share your thoughts until Feb. 12, 2024.

Flood mitigation

Since the 2013 flood, the City of Medicine Hat has embarked on a committed effort towards various flood mitigation and resilience projects throughout the city, involving extensive community engagement. Projects include:


Do flood fringe areas change after berms are constructed?

Once construction of all the planned Medicine Hat berms/dikes are completed, engineers expect that there will be significantly more protection from flooding (overland flow) within inhabited flood-prone areas in the city.

However, accurate projections of future flooding in Medicine Hat are infeasible due to mitigation measures which have been established upstream (e.g. Calgary, other communities) and other unforeseeable variables.