Planning and Development Library

This document library is intended for professionals who know which forms they need for a particular job or situation. Please download a new document each time you need one to be sure you have the current version.

Building permit forms and checklists
Commercial and industrial

Building permit application (commercial/industrial) (PDF)

Commercial sidewalk patio/café checklist (PDF)

Demolition permit application (PDF)

Demolition permit checklist (PDF)

Electrical permit application (PDF)

Exterior wall claddings form (PDF)

Gas permit application (PDF)

Interior renovations checklist (commercial/industrial) (PDF)

Mechanical (HVAC) permit application (PDF)

New building checklist (commercial/industrial, requiring professional involvement) (PDF)

New building checklist (commercial/industrial, not requiring professional involvement) (PDF)

Occupancy permit application (PDF)

Plumbing permit application (PDF)

Tent occupancy permit application (PDF)

Water/sewer service permit application (PDF)


Alterations to windows/walls checklist (PDF)

Basement development/alteration checklist (PDF)

Carport conversion to attached garage checklist (PDF)

Covered/uncovered deck checklist (PDF)

Covered/unheated deck enclosure checklist (PDF)

Demolition permit application (PDF)

Demolition permit checklist (PDF)

Detached garage or shed checklist (PDF)

Electrical permit application (PDF)

Exterior hot tub checklist (PDF)

Exterior wall claddings form (PDF)

Fast track permit application (new houses, must be submitted using ePermit) (PDF)

Gas permit application (PDF)

Homeowner trade waiver (PDF)

Homeowner waiver - electrical (PDF)

Homeowner waiver - gas (PDF)

Homeowner waiver - mechanical/HVAC (PDF)

Homeowner waiver - plumbing (PDF)

Manufactured home placement checklist (PDF)

Patio roof/carport roof checklist (PDF)

Plumbing/Water-Sewer/Mechanical permit application (PDF)

Residential building permit application (PDF)

Residential checklist - new construction/additions (2021) (PDF)

Retaining wall checklist (PDF)

Solar panels (roof-mounted) checklist (PDF)

Solid fuel-burning fireplace/stove checklist (PDF)

Swimming pool (above ground or in-ground) checklist (PDF)

Walkout addition/basement entry checklist (PDF)

Additional information

Building codes (National Research Council of Canada website)

Effective R calculator for walls (CWC) (PDF)

Electrical inspection load calculation (PDF)

Energy efficiency requirements (9.36 user guide) (PDF)

Homeowner permits and electrical wiring guide (PDF)

NECB project summary form (PDF)

Professional involvement standards (for commercial buildings) (PDF)

Tools/online calculators for new buildings (PDF)

Verification of compliance (online form)

For 2017 NECB compliance checklists, contact a Safety Codes Officer.

Contact SCO

Business license forms and checklists

Business license application (PDF) Includes:

  • All types of new business licenses
  • Change of business address
  • Change of business owner
  • Licenses for out-of-town businesses

List of conditions for contractors, tradespersons and handypersons (PDF)

Taxi driver application/renewal form (PDF)

Planning forms and documents
Commercial and industrial

Outdoor patio - in road right-of-way (PDF)

Outdoor patio - private property (PDF)

Site contamination statement (PDF)

Telecommunications tower application (PDF)

Development and service agreements

Development and Subdivision Agreement Condition Guide (PDF)

Review Process for Service Agreements (PDF)

Service Agreement Template (PDF)

Development Agreement Template (PDF)

Construction Completion Certificate Form (PDF)

Final Acceptance Certificate Form (PDF)

Subdivision and development appeal form (DOC)

Subdivision application form (PDF)

Subdivision application requirements (PDF)

Historic/Heritage resources

Apply to designate a historic resource (PDF)

Apply to renovate/alter a historic resource (PDF)

Heritage resources policy (PDF)

Abandoned wells

Developing near abandoned wells (Directive 079) (PDF)

Interactive map of abandoned wells in Alberta (Alberta Energy Regulator website)

Additional information

Condominium conversion checklist/application for condominium certificate (PDF)

Developer contact information (PDF)

Encroachment appeal form (PDF)

Environmental site assessment FAQs (PDF) 



Planning and development fees and charges

Fees and charges

Current fees for building, development and business licenses.

View fees and charges