The City of Medicine Hat Municipal Council and School Board Trustee election took place on Monday, October 18, 2021. Council member information and appointments are available in the City Council information section.

Information for candidates

Campaign contribution reports
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Campaign contribution forms

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Additional information


Council and Mayor candidates

Clark, Linnsie

Clugston, Ted

Leahy, Tony

Rose, Alan Angus

Starner, Michael 


Allard, Kelly

Asham, Mark

Bergeson, Bill

Black, Jim

Campbell, Mandi

Campbell, Stephen

Dueck, Brian

Dumanowski, Robert

Gilmore, Shane

Gruszie, Bradley

Hemsing, Paul Wray

Hider, Cassi

Hirsch, Darren

Hitchen, Jay

Jansen, Marco

Joshi, Praveen

Knodel, Allison

Martin, Nicholas

McClary, Roger Steven

McGrogan, Andy

Mortiz, Immanuel

Pister, Warren

Robins, Ramona Karen

Rutledge, Rockford

Sharps, Shila

Silver, Jeremy

Turnbull, Phil

Turner, Charles Chuck

Turner, James (Jim) Allen

Van Dyke, Alison

Varga, Brian

Webster, Brian

Wright, Justin

School Board Trustee candidates
Catholic School Board

Doud, Alicia

Glasgo, Kathy

Kinch, Bernie

Leahy, David

Loehndorf, Ken

Mastel, Richard (Dick)

Risling, Robert

Public School Board

Dirk, Gwendoline

Forbes, Deborah

Grisonich, Patrick

Massini, Rick

McCuaig, Alex

Muszko, Chandra Camille

Myradon, Aaron

Noble, Curtis Oscar

Pollard, David

Rooke, Tom

Schempp, Jillian

Sissons, Yvonne

Williamson, Sire Jeremy

Wilson, Catherine Alice

Senate candidates and referendum questions

Barootes, Erika

Bonnett, Rick

Davidson, Pam

Horner, Doug A.

Kinney, Duncan

Lorencz, Kelly

Martyniouk, Mykhailo

McCormack, Ann

Nielsen, Jeff

Pillay, Karina

Saunders, Chad Jett Thunders

Sookram, Sunil

Wellwood, Nadine R.

For more information about the Senate election, visit Elections Alberta.

Referendum questions

Question 1: Equalization

Should section 36(2) of the Constitution Act, 1982 – Parliament and the government of Canada’s commitment to the principle of making equalization payments – be removed from the constitution?

  1. Yes - 12846 votes
  2. No - 5667 votes

Question 2: Daylight Saving Time

Do you want Alberta to adopt year-round Daylight Saving Time, which is summer hours, eliminating the need to change our clocks twice a year?

  1. Yes - 12113 votes
  2. No - 7473 votes

For more information about the Senate election, visit Elections Alberta.

Useful resources

Eligibility and Campaign Management
It is every candidate’s responsibility to familiarize themselves on the rules regarding who can run for office and how to manage their campaign. The Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) contains a lot of useful information. The Act can be viewed, downloaded, or ordered in paper form from Alberta Queens Printer (call 310-0000).
Alberta Municipal Affairs
Phone: 780-427-2225 | Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta) have resources available for candidates and newly elected officials downloadable from their website.
Alberta Urban Municipal Association (AUMA)
This webpage provides candidates and potential candidates for municipal office answers to key questions.  Click here for more information.
New economic development video for elected officials now available

Economic development is a "top of mind" issue for many candidates ahead of the October 18 municipal election.  The video explains what economic development is and what drives it.  It also outlines the role elected officials play, discusses where to begin, and presents tips for success.  In addition, the video highlights further support and information available from the Ministry's Regional Economic Development Services and Economic Developers Alberta.

Click here to watch.

The Pledge

The Local Democracy Pledge (the Pledge) is a voluntary commitment that candidates can make to voters to uphold key democratic principles – ahead of Alberta’s 2021 municipal elections – to improve the quality and tone of political discourse. The Pledge promotes fair and transparent municipal elections, free from undue partisan or financial influences.

Click here to learn more.

Council Code of Conduct

A bylaw of the City of Medicine Hat to establish a code of conduct for members of Council.

Council Code of Conduct (Bylaw #4492)