Community Survey 2024

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The City of Medicine Hat has enlisted IPSOS to conduct a community survey targeting Medicine Hat residents aged 18 and older between May 6 and 26, 2024. The results will provide City Council and administration reliable data to better understand community sentiment around a variety of City topics, in turn supporting decision making.

Conducted by Ipsos, the telephone survey is considered scientifically representative of the population. 

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The survey will cover a wide range of topics from what residents feel is the most important issue affecting the community, to levels of satisfaction with garbage and recycling services. The results of the survey will be benchmarked against other municipalities and the survey will be repeated every two years.

See 2022 results

Results will be reported back this summer.

Statistically relevant

The feedback that is captured through the survey is considered representative of the population as it utilizes a scientific methodology. IPSOS will use a randomized telephone survey (65% cellphones and 35% landlines) with an overall sample size of 400. The results are considered accurate to within ±4.9%, 19 times out of 20.

Share feedback voluntarily

If residents don’t receive a call from IPSOS but would like to take the survey, an online option is available (see button below). Only one telephone interview will be permitted per household, but others are welcome to complete the online version. Thank you for your participation!

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