Tax Arrears Payment Plan

The Tax Arrears Payment Plan (TAPP) is a monthly plan that allows you to make consecutive monthly payments for current taxes and overdue taxes over a term of up to 24 months. Payments are made by pre-authorized transfer of funds from your bank account on the first of each month, rather than one single tax payment.

Why should you use TAPP?

TAPP breaks the annual tax payment into monthly payments to make budgeting easier while still paying off overdue taxes. Payment are automatic, so if you are on vacation, out of town on business, or sick, your payment will be made on time. If you are behind on your taxes, the TAPP can help you avoid further collection action such as a Tax Sale of the property. You also avoid ongoing collection notices.

Who can use TAPP?

All taxpayers whose taxes are in arrears (overdue) are eligible. This means any prior year taxes outstanding on January 1 of current year.

How does TAPP work?

Regular monthly payments are made on the first day of every month for the term of the Tax Arrears Payment Plan. Monthly payments consist of:

  • Estimated current year taxes
  • All taxes in arrears divided by the number of months in the plan
  • All estimated penalties during term of plan divided by number of months in plan

How do you apply?

Please email or call 403-529-8100.

Withdrawal or cancellation

You may withdraw from TAPP by giving written notice at least two weeks before the next payment date. If any monthly payments are missed the City of Medicine Hat has the option to cancel the TAPP agreement.

If you withdraw, or the City cancels your TAPP agreement, all unpaid taxes become due and payable.

Any payments that are dishonoured by the bank are subject to a service charge in accordance with the Dishonoured Cheque Bylaw.

Refer to the Tax Arrears Instalment Payment Plan Bylaw #3303 for more information.