HAT Smart

HAT Smart offers incentives to help you make environmental and energy-conscious home upgrades. Our programs make saving money and energy easy. Incentives vary year by year as new technologies and funding sources are introduced.

Residential rebates

The HAT Smart Residential Rebate program includes rebates for residential electric and natural gas customers of the City of Medicine Hat. New incentives are introduced in January of each year.

Approval process

All applications are subject to approval by HAT Smart.

A completed application form does not guarantee a rebate. We process applications in the order they are received and award rebates on a first come, first served basis.

If your application is incomplete, illegible, or omits required documentation, it is disqualified and will not be kept. HAT Smart is not responsible for incomplete, lost, late/misdirected mail, or illegible submissions.

HAT Smart policy requires that all retailers, contractors, and installers are paid in full before a rebate payment is approved. Invoices must show "Paid in full" or "Balance $0." You may also submit a copy of the cheque or credit/debit card receipt. If the rebate is assigned to the contractor, the balance owing should equal the rebate amount.

Application deadline
Application deadline is noon on January 7, 2022.
Solar electric
EnerGuide ratings for new homes
EnerGuide home evaluation
Energy Star® air conditioner
Energy Star® furnaces
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Scratch & win

Program funding

The HAT Smart program is funded through the Environmental Conservation Charge (ECC), which is levied against high consumption residential utility customers.

The ECC is calculated monthly on:

  • Electricity consumption greater than 950 kWh
  • Gas consumption greater than 19 GJ

Funding status

Incentives Rebates Paid Reserved Total*

Solar Electric




EnerGuide Ratings for New Homes




EnerGuide Home Evaluation




ENERGY STAR® Air Conditioner








Scratch & Win








* HAT Smart will continue to accept applications for the following fully subscribed incentive programs:

  • Solar Electric
  • EnerGuide Ratings for New Homes

We will enter your application into the queue and, should funding become available, will notify you after the current year's program expires.

Scholarships and awards

HAT Smart supports students in efforts related to environmental initiatives and energy conservation.

HAT Smart Scholarship

Each year, the HAT Smart program sponsors a scholarship for a Medicine Hat College student. The HAT Smart Scholarship is provided to local students pursuing careers in the sciences, in a field related to HAT Smart's goals of energy awareness, energy efficiency, and sustainable energy.

Applicants must meet the following requirements to qualify for the HAT Smart Scholarship:

  • Student or parents/guardian must have a City of Medicine Hat utility account
  • Proven academic ability
  • Enrollment in the Medicine Hat College Science/Engineering University Transfer Program

How to apply

The HAT Smart Scholarship is awarded to an applicant who fills out the general Medicine Hat College scholarship application form.

Regional Science Fair Awards

The HAT Smart program sponsors the awards at the Southeast Alberta Kiwanis Science Fair at the Medicine Hat College each year. The awards are presented to students with the best project in one of four categories:

  • Biotech/Life Sciences
  • Computer Science/Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Physical Science

Frequently asked questions

I live outside of Medicine Hat. Am I eligible for the HAT Smart rebates?

Yes, provided you have an active City of Medicine Hat residential utility account (relevant to the rebate for which you are applying) and receive a utility statement each month. For example, if you are applying for a rebate on Solar Electric Panels, you must receive an electric bill from the City of Medicine Hat.

I live in a condo. Can I apply for a rebate?

Yes, if you personally receive a utility bill from the City (i.e. have an active utility account in your name). If your utilities are paid for through your condo fees or by the condo association, are not eligible for HAT Smart rebates. The condo building itself is considered a commercial enterprise and is disqualified from the program.

How is rebate funding distributed?

Rebates are based on fully completed application forms and issued on a first come, first served basis. An incomplete application form can result in a delay of payment or no payment if program funds have been exhausted.

How does HAT Smart track the rebates awarded?

Each rebate is tied to the location identification number of the residential address, which is why the account number is required on every application form.

What provincial or federal funding is available?

The HAT Smart team works hard to align available incentives with provincial and federal programs. For more information on available funding, please visit:

Natural Resources Canada: Grants and Financial Incentives

Are there any HAT Smart rebates for commercial customers?

Sorry, there is no rebate funding available for commercial customers at this time. All funds for this program version are for residential customers.

I received rebates from previous HAT Smart programs. Can I still apply?

Yes. You are eligible to apply for each HAT Smart rebate provided you meet the current program criteria. 

How many rebates has HAT Smart given out?

Since our start-up in 2008, almost 16,000 rebates have been given out totaling over $5.25 million in incentives.

Rebate history

Since 2008, the HAT Smart program has awarded almost 16,000 rebates worth more than $5.25 million, $11,225 in sponsorship and awards, and has supported various large-scale projects throughout the community. An overview of incentives offered through past program is outlined below.

2008 - 2019

Total RewardedRebate TypeTotal ValueAverage Rebate
92 Clothes Dryer - Electric $6,900.00 $75.00
57 Clothes Dryer - Gas $11,300.00 $198.25
3,428 Clothes Washer $461,675.00 $134.68
1,319 Dishwasher $131,900.00 $100.00
1,635 Refrigerator $322,579.98 $197.30
189 Stove – Natural Gas $37,100.00 $165.63
318 Air Conditioning $65,500.00 $205.97
1,592 Furnaces $628,200.00 $394.60
21 Domestic Water Heating $8,605.31 $409.78
1,682 Home Energy Audits $168,200.00 $100.00
24 New Home Built Green Standard $36,000.00 $1,500.00
4 New Home Certification $8,000.00 $2,000.00
66 New Home EnerGuide $178,200.00 $2,700.00
36 Commercial Conservation Upgrades $287,842.42 $7,995.62
15 Commercial Solar Installations $637,088.44 $42,472.56
6 Community Conservation Projects $31,334.62 $5,222.44
3,516 Insulation and Air Sealing $1,090,576.93 $310.18
216 Residential Solar Electric Installations $929,884.56 $5,222.44
27 Residential Solar Water Installations $75,225.77 $2,786.14
669 Windows and Doors $82,840.00 $123.83
994 Scratch & Win $59,922.80 $60.28
15,906 Total Rebates $5,258,875.53 $330.62

Awards for the HAT Smart Program

HAT Smart's environmental initiatives have garnered numerous awards since its inception, including the Provincial Emerald Award and the FCM Sustainable Community Award.

Emerald Awards Logo  Logo for Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Partners in environmental sustainability

The City of Medicine Hat recognizes that our most important partners in protecting the environment are the residents and businesses of Medicine Hat. We acknowledge and appreciate your role and your contributions to the continuing efforts towards environmental sustainability.

Get involved

There are many opportunities to play an active role in protecting our limited natural resources. Whether you're reducing home energy usage with the Self-Audit Toolkit, following a yard waste management program, taking part in recycling or reducing your water usage, there are many ways to get involved.

A simple way to stay aware of your impact is to track your consumption. Access your current and previous consumption data on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis on eUtility. It even shows you how weather influences electric and gas use.

Sign up for eUtility

Connecting with the public

City staff members visit civic groups, schools, and businesses to conduct activities and give presentations as well as attend trades shows to help encourage residents to conserve energy resources, reduce waste, and protect our water quality.

For more information, or to request presentations or tours of local facilities, please contact Customer Service.

More environmental support and funding

Home and property improvements that conserve energy or improve the environment benefit us all. Check out some of the following sources of funding to see if they fit your project.

External resources

Knowledge Saves Power image
Knowledge Saves Power

Saving energy begins at home. It's simple - when we use less, we save more. By using energy more efficiently, you not only protect the environment, but keep more money in your own pocket.